About Unica Iron and Steel

Unica Iron and Steel is a leading manufacturer of light and medium structural steel located in Babelegi in the Northwest province of South Africa: Pretoria. 

Unica Iron and Steel began preliminary operations in 2006.

In July 2012, it began construction of its 36000m2 facility consisting of a melting plant, water cooling system and billet forming plant amongst others. 

This first of its kind company in South Africa started full operations in August 2013 with 150 – 250 staff. Today, it has grown to more than double this with a dedicated and committed staff whose skills are enhanced every day.

Product offerings

Unica Iron and Steel continues to maintain market relevance by regularly reinventing its brand and coming up with products that meet consumer demands. Presently, there are six product offerings, with 85 different profiles:

  1. Mild steel Square bar
  2. Mild steel Window Sections
  3. Mild steel Angle iron
  4. Mild steel Channel
  5. Mild steel I.P.E Section
  6. Mild steel Flat Bar