UNICA Products Image Angel Iron

Angle Iron

Angle iron is an iron metal that has an L-shaped cross section. It is a light section steel product from the equal angles product group, purposely designed for commercial and manufacturing uses. It has a rolling specification tolerance specification rating DIN EN 10056.

This steel metal comes in standard Mild Steel SANS 1431 300 WA grade and standard lengths of 6.00m. Other specifications are available on application.


  Dimensions     Length  
1 25x25x1.8 6-7.2m
2 25x25x2 6-7.2m
3 25x25x3 6m
4 25x25x5 6m
5 30x30x1.8 6-7.2
6 30x30x2 6-7.2
7 30x30x3 6m
8 30x30x5 6m
9 40x40x1.8 6-7.2m
10 40x40x2 6-7.2m
11 40x40x3 6m
12 40x40x5 6m
13 40x40x6 6m
14 50x50x3 6-7.2m
15 50x50x4 6-13m
16 50x50x6 6-13m
17 60x60x4 6-13m
18 60x60x5 6-13m
19 60x60x6 6-13m
20 70x70x6 6-13m
21 70x70x8 6-13m
22 80x80x6 6-13m
23 80x80x8 6-13m