Steel Production Health and Safety Standards

Because we deal with steel production, we adhere to  strict health and safety standards both in our operations and the health and safety of our staff.

We have a safety department tasked with placing safety markings at strategic locations in the plant. Helmets are a must for all staff within the steel production section of the plant and the plant team is mandated to wear protective equipment at all times.

Safety officers are ever present to ensure staff, clients and visitors on the factory premises obey safety instructions down to the smallest details. .

At Unica Iron and Steel, steel production workers are never exposed to respiratory hazards and lifting devices are well marked with their rated capacity for loads. This prevents any incidence of overweight carriage which can lead to catastrophic consequences.

There is a first aid chamber manned by a team of professional paramedics who provide first aid treatments in case of accidents. The first aid department is fully equipped to industry standards required of a 21st-century steel production plant.

Quality control checks are usually carried out on final products to verify their safety suitability for public consumption. Batches of finished products are usually marked with random samples selected from them. With Unica Iron and Steel, you are assured that safety standards are never compromised, from scrap metal sorting to the final product.