UNICA Vision and Mission and Values

Vision : Strength & Beyond

To raise the benchmark of the steel industry by setting high standards and becoming a leading player in the market. We believe that the strength of our product is also the strength of our business. By ensuring a top quality product, we will continue to grow the secondary steel market and remain a leading manufacturer in this area.

Mission : Sustainability & Innovation

Is to achieve our vision through our dedicated approach and continuous growth, by supplying high quality steel utilizing innovative technologies and methods within an environment of motivated employees, focused on continuous improvement, making Unica Iron and steel an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable enterprise.

Values : Integrity & Equality

We believe in following the highest business standards, work ethics and corporate citizenship. Our integrity in how we work with our staff and our clients must always be impeccable. We believe in creating equal opportunities for everyone working for Unica Iron and Steel. As a corporate citizen, we believe that the impact we have on the communities and environment around our business, must be positive. To that end, we encourage  a culture of care and upliftment, supporting multiple projects to uplift the disadvantaged and provide assistance and relief for those less fortunate.


Customer satisfaction is key

Unica Iron and Steel has an unequalled commitment to customer satisfaction. 

We achieve this via a network of dedicated staff that demonstrate utmost commitment to their jobs and a 24/7 support team, thereby creating a flexible, ,client-focussed environment.   

Corporate social responsibility

Unica Iron and Steel is deeply committed to making a difference to its community through its corporate social responsibility programmes. marvelous. 

We provide economic opportunities to our immediate community by offering direct jobs to surrounding area citizens, employing more than 500 staff. We also extend a helping hand to widows and orphans in the area. Other programmes include: rehabilitating drug users and educating communities on drug abuse as well as  the prevention of violence against women.

Sporting activities is also one of the cardinal points of concern for Unica Iron and Steel. As such, we sponsor local football events and kits for teams.

UNICA Vision and Mission Workers In Factory