Unica’s Corporate Social Initiatives

Unica Iron and Steel has a rich corporate social initiative program.

Some of them are highlighted below:


Unica Iron and Steel is deeply committed towards the educational development of the young. Pretoria and indeed South Africa at large has an abundant population of youngsters who do not have the means to seek quality education. Over 200 students are presently in IR College under sponsorship by Unica Iron and Steel.

UNICA CSI Image Learner


CSI also extends to sports in the Unica Iron and Steel model. We believe that sports forge communal bonds and uplifts society. Pursuant to this, soccer tournaments are regularly organised and sponsored by Unica Iron and Steel. This extends to providing jerseys for local soccer teams as well.

UNICA CSI Soccer Team

Economic development:

Unica Iron and Steel sees to the economic development of its immediate environment by providing direct jobs for citizens of the host community. This is aside from the numerous indirect opportunities that sprout as a result of its presence such as steel distributors and steel merchants. Consequently, Unica Iron and Steel builds an up-skill society by interacting, transacting and contributing to the Babelegi community and Pretoria in general.

UNICA CSI Image factory worker lifting steel

Future progression:

One of the core CSI interventions of Unica Iron and Steel is directed at the youth population. Unica Iron and Steel believes in the future of tomorrow and actively seeks to engage our youths productively. We employ a substantial percentage of young people to work for us, and we also extend monetary support.

Additionally, we organise symposiums and seminars targeted at educating the youth on the ill effects of drug abuse, and the need to prevent violence in all forms.

UNICA CSI Factory Worker with Helmet