UNICA Products IPE Section

Stainless steel IPE sections

Stainless steel IPE sections are named so due to their most obvious characteristic – the ‘I’ shape. Stainless steel beams are industrially useful to convey virtually all liquids and gases. Palisades, on the other hand, are mostly used for fencing solutions.

It is a light section steel product from the equal angles group, purposely designed for commercial and manufacturing uses. It has a rolling specification tolerance specification rating DIN EN 10056.

This steel metal comes in standard mild steel SANS 1431 300 WA grade and standard lengths of 6.00m. Other specifications are available on application.

Bundle weight is approximately 2,000kgs.

   NO      Dimensions     Length  
1 76×45 4.8-7.2m
2 100×55 4.8-7.2